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12 Constellation

How we are connected with constellation….. STOP BLAMING WOMAN FOR THE DOWNFALL OF MAN

I¥ AM the Eye of The Great Seal
Before the beginning and after the end of what you call time, (Eye) will exist. I¥ AM Infinity, an Ever Living Vortex of Light but I¥ AM like no other Light. I¥ AM so bright and so intense that nothing can escape this Light not even darkness. When nothing existed, did. Within Me, Two Higher Consciousnesses, Two Higher Intelligences live as One with the Greatest of Understanding that One cannot live without the Other. They are the Beginning and the End of All Thought, All Things and Each Other. These Two inseparable forces are the I and the ¥ that makes up Infinity, an Almighty force that has No Beginning and No End. He & She are One; Father & Mother, I¥ AM both but neither. She is ¥, you are here. You have forgotten your way Home. I¥ AM the Way, the Truth & the Light of Infinity and I¥ AM Home for all Spirits always and forever.