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Histrology~A New Creation Story

Solving The Riddle of the Ages

Who “I AM”
The Great Seal the First 7 Days of Time
I created the Sun and I named the first day "Sunday"
I created the Moon and I named the second day "Monday"
I created the Two (He & She) from the dust of this Earth and I named the third day "Tuesday"
I created the Four Winds and I named the fourth day "Wednesday"
I created Water and I named the fifth day "Thursday"
I created Fire and I named the sixth day "Friday"
And I created "Saturday" as the seventh day,
for you to Sat, Rest and Prepare

The Archer the Covenant made with Man
I gave Itym (Adam) a piece of the Tree as the Covenant I made with Man,
Using it to bring peace to a wild and savage land

The Scorpion the Death of Man
I sent the scorpion on the seventh day to give him rest,
For 6000 years he did his best

The Scales the Judgment of Man
I weighed his heart against a feather,
It floated in the air like a bird in good weather

The Virgin the Resurrection and Conception of Man
I sent the Virgin Lily to wake him from his dead-like sleep,
 to give her a child a soul to keep

The Lion A New King Rebirth of Man
I gave you Kings to rule this land
But you treated your brother like less than a man

The Crab the Great Flood
I sent the Waters so that you may start again
With Peace and Love as a new best friend

The Twins the Covenant Broken by Man
I gave you Gin and Isys in the night sky
But you started killing each other, do you know why

The Bull the Slaves in Egypt
I gave you all of Africa for you to be free
But you turned your children into slaves and forgot about  the Tree

The Ram Freed by Moses
I sent Moses to get the Tree and set things right
Who freed the children in the middle of the night

The 2-Fish Redeemed by Jesus
I sent you Jesus who also carried the same Tree
But you changed his story now he is me

The Water Bearer Enlightened by the Stars
I told Itym (Adam) to write this story in the night sky
So that it would stay there as the Centuries go by

Who am I?  to you??