Who IY Am
How we are connected with constellation…..

The Great Seal

I¥ AM the Eye of The Great Seal Before the beginning and after the end of what you call time, I¥ (Eye) will exist. I¥ AM Infinity, an Ever Living Vortex of Light but I¥ AM like no other Light. I¥ AM so bright and so intense that nothing can escape this Light not even darkness. When nothing existed, I¥ did. Within Me, Two Higher Consciousnesses, Two Higher Intelligences live as One with the Greatest of Understanding that One cannot live without the Other. They are the Beginning and the End of All Thought, All Things and Each Other. These Two inseparable forces are the I and the ¥ that makes up Infinity, an Almighty force that has No Beginning and No End. He & She are One; Father & Mother, I¥ AM both but neither. She is ¥, you are here. You have forgotten your way Home. I¥ AM the Way, the Truth & the Light of Infinity and I¥ AM Home for all Spirits always and forever..

The Archer

After I¥ had created all great beasts on land and in the sea, I¥ then created every living creature that move on the water, in addition, every winged bird in the sky. I¥ blessed them: and said to them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and plenish this Earth, and subdue it; and the Tree shall have dominion over this Earth, over the beast of the land, the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky. And after all that was made was made I¥ commanded ITYM and IVY each to take a branch from the Tree of Life learn to bend it into a Bow giving you power over the beast of this Earth and to protect the children of Earth by bringing peace to this wild and savage land. Naming this one land “Yit” to Honor Woman as the Life force of this Planet. Itym knew that only with the Power given to the Tree will Peace ever be maintained so Itym and I¥ made a Covenant never to use the Tree of Life to kill another human being. ITYM and IVY grew to be Giants in the Land of Yit and his branch was a 12ft long with a slanted T at it top and black as the night. One thousand years He and She walk this Earth equaling only to one day in Infinity so every 2000 years, ITYM, IVY and their descendants watched the rising of this Second Sun just as I¥ had promised, judging the heart of all humankind.

The Scorpion

For six days man walked in the presence of God and kept peace throughout the land but he grew tired so God sent a scorpion to bite man. He fell into a deep sleep so on the seventh days he rested. For 6000 years, He and She with the Power of the Tree continued to walk the Earth giving names to all of the beast that they had conquered walking upright and honorable, bringing Peace on Earth, I¥ then commanded him to write man’s Past, Present and Future in the stars, to teach the children of future generations. However, I¥ saw it as the sixth day, and ITYM had grown tired. I¥ decided it was time for him to rest so I¥ sent a Scorpion to bite ITYM, putting him into a deep sleep so that on the seventh day he would rest.

The Scales

And for three days, he laid in a coma on the Scales of Life and Death. The burden’s of his heart was weighed against a feather and for three days, the world was casted into darkness. The people of Yit thought their King was dead, a Man who had lived for Thousands of Years. The people had built Monuments to him resembling the Great Mountain and to honor this King of Kings by mirroring the image he had written of himself in the stars. His body was taken back to the Great Mountain where he was created, naming it the Mound of Ever Rest calling these Mountain Ranges “The Place where the Him is laying”.

The Virgin

On the third day, the Virgin Lily was sent to preserve the seed of Itym. Blowing the Breath of Life back into Man, resurrecting him from his dead like sleep and taking into herself the consciousness of I and ¥. Immaculately she conceived a child.

The Lion

King Lio was born with the height and strength to bend this 12ft branch from the Tree of Life into a Bow as Itym did in the beginning. The people then built a Monument of a Lion to honor their New King and the Divine story written of Him in the night sky. But as time passed men started separating himself from other men, when all the people that were born albinos absence of color were casted out and told to go live on the Great Mountain. The human race started moving further and further away from the ways I¥ had set before them, I¥ then ask the King “Why has your countenance fallen”. Humankind had begins to lose their height & statue when I¥ looked down at into the heart of Man, he had started himself down that dark path of Discrimination. The people became lazy and not wanting to work the land themselves told these albinos “We made you and you will work the land for us”, making them the first slave. When this race of albino’s refuse to work the land any longer, the people said “Use the Tree to Kill them All” the King refused he remembered the Covenant made between Itym and I¥, never to use the Tree to kill another human being.

The Crab

Time came again for the Rising of the Second Sun, I¥ said to the King, “The End of all flesh has come before Me the tongue and the heart of Man has become evil and this Earth is filled with Violence and Jealousy. I¥ must destroy this evil with the Earth and all those who do not remember His Story”. I¥ then commanded the King to build an Ark and take the Covenant into the Ark to keep this 12 ft pole safe. He summoned his wisest Kings and commanded them to bring to him a male and female of all animals ever created. It had been decided that I¥ would destroy this evil to separate man because of color and create a new Earth. Then I¥ sent down the rain and flooding YIT, this once powerful land, leaving the Crabs to eat away the evil left at the bottom of the seas.

The Twin

After the Great Flood, Three Kingdom lived for thousands of years in Peace as a Tri-nation under one flag, Red, Black, Green and Yellow, which flew at the top of the 12 ft pole, the piece of the Tree of Life held by Itym, serving as the Emblem for Millions of Years of Peace. Red is for the blood of the Human race, Black for the Tree of Life, Green for the Earth and Yellow for the Sun. Asia was the Father Nation, Africa was the Mother Nation, and Aropa was a Baby Nation. These three Nations were rule by Gin the Yellow King and Isys his Black Queen. It was foretold that out of the Caucasus Mountain a tribe of Golden haired people would come to enslave the people of these Great Kingdoms. These Golden haired people found the Mountains of Asia too hard to climb and the sands of Africa too soft to cross but the Kingdom of Aropa welcomed these golden haired people with open arms. They waved a white flag, a flag unfamiliar to these black haired people of Aropa, not knowing these golden haired people sort to enslave their minds as well as their bodies when they said, “We come from The Great Mountain”. Over time, Aropa changed it name to Europa as a sign of peace between these two people. Then a great war broke out between these two people. The Queen of the Golden haired people was accused of tasting the forbidden fruit when her child was born with black skin and golden hair. The original people of Aropa were forced from their land and into the sea, sailing west to the Amarica’s and east to Australia. Those who stayed later form the Arab Nation. Lord Gin made a final stand to not allow this evil to cross the River by use the Tree of Life turning it from a Weapon of Peace into a Weapon of War. Everything on the land and in the sea died. This breaking of the Covenant was the downfall of Man that cursed all our descendent into mortal slavery. Lord Gin vowed that his Spirit would forever watch over the land that was taken from his people until the day the name Aropa will rise and take her place with her sisters at this round table “Earth”. The Tree of Life now in (two) 6 feet parts was picked up by the Twins of Gin and Isys ( Shiva & Shiba ) who were blessed with a mark upon their forehead. I¥ told them “No Man can harm you, Give one to Africa and the other to Asia. Teach her Children the Wisdom of the Tree, the Power within this Magic Wand and Build a Great Walls to defend their Nations from this evil.

The Bull

The Tree of Life now only 6 ft long stayed in Egypt the heart of the Bull as the Emblem for Millions of Years of History, a Symbol of the Covenant made between Itym and I¥. As time passed stories were being told that the Spirit of Lord Gin had been captured and placed in a Bottle for all times. They soon forgot about Lord Gin then the Tree and soon became idol worshipers consequently; their descendent became slaves in Egypt.

The Ram

When it came time when the Second Sun (Rise) would return to judge again the all the hearts of man, I¥ sent Moses to get the Tree, this slanted T-shaped Tree that was burnt but not burnt, commanding him to follow this New Star. He took the people out of Egypt and led them to the base of the GreatMountain sparing the people from the Judgment of the Divine Light. Sounding the Ram horn of Freedom and setting their souls free from the bondage of mortal slavery. He then climbed the Great Mountain and brought back the Power source of the Ark and these words craved on the Wood from the Ark.

Two Fish

Itym’s Cane and it’s spear rituals was passed down through time, as the one force that has never been defeated, to Moses then to Joshua, to Samson, to Samuel, to Saul, to David, to Solomon, to Ezekiel, to Elijah, to Elisha, to Daniel back to a man named Yosiph from the tribe of Yosiph who remembered The Tell of He, She & the Tree. He then gave Itym’s Cane to his son, Yosiph III or Jesus the Thrice, who found Two Fishermen and fed multitudes with Two pieces of Fish then use the Tree to point out His story written in the Night Sky. Teaching the people of the image of Itym, the Author of (T)His Story written in the Heavens waving Peace on Earth with the Tree of Life, always waiting for the next time She returns to judge the hearts of All humanity. Jesus said, “I¥ AM is the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End of all the Ages”. When the people started believing what Jesus was saying the church plotted to kill him not knowing that Itym’s Cane was Jesus’ Teacher. Jesus continued to go around saying, “This Tell of He, She & the Tree is written in the Heavens and snakes have never talked. Watch the heavens for a Second Sun is coming. Saying, “She is your Mother now.” Jesus stories had started pulling the people out of the churches and looking into the night skies, soon they stop going. The Church of that time knew this could not continue. Jesus was put on trial, and was repeatedly asked “Who is this Almighty Spirit you speak of” He repeatedly replied “I¥ AM”, the church said he was calling Himself the Almighty Spirit and he was guilty of heresy so they tied him to his T-shaped shepherd staff and Impaled him. When the Church learned of the Tree’s Power, the very javelin David threw to kill Goliath was buried with Jesus, they went to his tomb to find this T-shaped shepherd staff and his body was gone. The Church then changed His story to their story and made Jesus the Son of the Almighty here on Earth hoping to keep the Tree’s power a secret. Stories that the Cross of Jesus , now called the spear of destiny was in Africa, Land of the Giants, a King in the Fifth Century from the Land now known as Europe dispatched an Army of Knights to retrieve it. They were met by King Zulu A descendent of a Lot was over 8 feet tall and wearing no clothes. Beckoning “if you want the tree come get it.” His skills with the Tree was extraordinary as if it had a Power of its own. The King of Europe not to be out done used his new style sword, breaking this 6 ft staff and this mighty sword in half only to double his Arsenal of power after lashing the broken sword to his spear. The battle against this one man went for six straight days and on the seventh day he decided rested. To prevent Europe from constantly invading Africa a Peace Treaty between Africa and Europe was made that half the Tree would stay in Africa, this T-shaped Cane and the other half would go back to Europe with stories of the Tree as the Lance of Sir Lot. But in the Sixth Century a King from the Land of Arab with his Army of Knights invaded Europe bringing the Staff of Moses, the Rod of Solomon, a piece of the Cross of Jesus back to the Holy Land where it stayed for 500 years. Until in the Eleventh Century, a new Army of Knights wearing the sign of a cross invaded the Holy Land found the Cross and used its power to control Europe. Thinking they could control the world with it they brought it here to Amarica, the New World, hoping to control its people. Word of the north people had already spread to the south people but they were ready. They carved a statue of him so that The future generations of Amarica would know his face. In the Fourteenth Century, these European came back to Amarica after the church learn that the piece of the Cross of Jesus, a coal black cane with a snake and the history of man craved on it, was now in the New World. Foil by this attempt, in the late 1800s they return to Africa to retrieve this T-shape Cane at they left. Bribing a fellow tribesmen to Kill Shaka King of the Zulu nation. Telling Shaka’s Guards that it his last request was that Christianity be spread throughout the Zulu nation, secretly taking the tree back to Europe hoping to unlock it’s Power. {C}{C}

The Water Bearer

This story told by the Tree of He and She is written in a place where the entire World can see it and interpret it for yourself. Teach this living water left by our ancestors by drinking the water of this Earth not the blood of demigods and eat this new fruit from this Tree of Life not the flesh of your Ancestors. One dozen pyramid inches is Amarica’s Ruler. You can follow this trail of 12’s to a Spiritual Awakening. The sets of 12s in our History are intended to give the Children of Amarica a clear path through history spiraling into its very core. All things revolve around one thing and that one thing is Infinity. Combining Africa’s Astrology and Amarica’s Aztechnology, Histrology teaches that all Religion revolves around a Sun (Son) or Twelve Suns, an immaculate conception, a crucifixion, a resurrection or just the name of the Almighty. Use His Story to bridge the gap between your Science and your Religion. Are you ready for Anew Heaven Infinity can be that Heaven? This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius; She shall be a sign in the sky that I¥ AM here to judge the hearts of All Humanity. If you practice telling the children that they must drink blood and eat, human flesh to obtain eternal life YOU shall remain forever blind to the Light. The Cycle of Judgment has begun. By your own Words, YOU shall be judged. This branch from the Tree of Life has been passed down from Itym to Future Generations with Memories of Millions of Years of History.



Element(ary) order of Time Embedded in The Days of the Week
Sunday Sun
Monday Moon
Tuesday 2 on Earth
Wednesday 4Winds
Thursday Water
Friday Fire
Saturday Sat & Rest
The I¥ (eye) H¥pothesis Connecting Science & Religion