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To come to a true understanding of the meaning of life, one must recognize Jesus, the tree of life. All are descendants of the family tree of Noah in the Bible. It is by understanding the meaning of the tree of life and Family tree of the Bible that one can follow the meaning of their own life.

The tree of life explains creation and how each of us came to be. It can be seen from the beginning with the family tree of Noah in the bible up to this day. It not only teaches how life came into being but what the place of man in this life is. You start with Noah in the Bible and trace the tree through his sons, Japheth who became Europe, Ham who became Africa and Shem who became Asia.

The tree progresses with Abram or Abraham, his sons Isaac and Jacob, on through Joseph. It continues with Moses and his people who struggled for freedom and then other leaders, including Joshua, Samson, and Saul. See the lineage of Jesus, tree of life with David and his son, Solomon. Continue learning with Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah and Elisha. Explore the story of Jesus with Joseph. As Jesus grew, you meet John and Peter. You will also learn of other names that are significant to the story and the family tree including Merlin, Shaka, John Hanson, and Gad.

I¥ AM – The Creator of all Things

When you learn the Bible family tree of Noah, you see how the world began and what is meant to be everyone’s place. It allows you to have a greater appreciation for your role and to understand how eternity and infinity exist. We all take apart what we have been taught by way of science and religion and present it in its truest form in Histology to reveal the real revelation of nature and history with spirituality. It tells the story of I¥ AM, the creator of all things.

The tree of life was designed to sustain the life force of everyone who consumed its fruit. As the secrets were lost and the tree stopped bearing fruit, man became desperate to return to his former state. He began to chop down the trees in an attempt to learn the secrets that it held. Many things were fashioned from that tree that have been taught in the legends and myths of our history.

It is in learning about Jesus, the tree of life, and the Bible family tree of Noah that you see the path that everyone came from.

It takes you from the beginning to your purpose in life today as you see how everything was brought together through time. It is where you will learn of the inner world of man and obtain to the higher self and achieve your true calling. By studying the meaning of the tree of life and its sacred geometry, you can achieve a greater consciousness in this life and obtain the realization that you seek.

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Element(ary) order of Time Embedded in The Days of the Week
Sunday Sun
Monday Moon
Tuesday 2 on Earth
Wednesday 4Winds
Thursday Water
Friday Fire
Saturday Sat & Rest
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