Who IY Am

Bridging the gap between science and religion is a complicated matter. One only has to look at the stars and constellations to see the story of time and the history of religion revealed. Learn about the Libra constellations myth and the tree of life sacred geometry. Learn the story behind the great seal, the archer, the twins and the constellations cancer to give you a greater appreciation for how science can reveal the truth of religion. This site seeks to take you from the beginning through the family tree of Noah and on to the teachings of Jesus.

From The Great Seal, you can learn about how the aspects of the world came to be while The Archer tells the story of the Covenant that was made with man to bring peace. The Crab tells you of the Great Flood and the family tree of Noah as a new attempt at peace and love was made. Study Moses and The Ram as he freed the children. The Water Bearer continues the story that is written in the night sky for people to learn through the centuries.

You will also learn how the number 12 is the chosen number and revealed in numerous ways, including the 12 commandments that tell you how to live and be at peace with mankind. Each commandment guides you toward the Light and impacts your relationship with God, with others and within yourself.

Understand what took place on The First Seven Days and how that impacted the rest of time. From Sunday when Light began to Saturday, which was meant to be a day of rest. You will also become conscious of the tree of life sacred geometry, which can be difficult to understand on your own. It intertwines the physical, spiritual and philosophical aspects of life. The mystery of the tree has consumed people for many generations and have been known in myths and historical legends even to now.

Religion and science have separated what was meant to be joined together in the form of Histrology that reveals the true history, nature and spirituality. All of this can be learned in the message of the stars in its purest form. At the core of every message is I¥ AM, who is Father Time and Mother Nature, the creator of everything. The combination of Eternity and Infinity.

In essence, what you will learn from this site is the  promise that gives you a new story, a new beginning and end, a new heaven and earth, a new covenant and world order, all focused on I¥ AM. It is in this message that you can understand what is meant to be and what has been.

Whether you are interested in the Libra constellation myth, the constellations cancer or the tree of life sacred geometry, you can learn a truth that will impact your life and provide meaning for your existence. If you want to answer the questions that religion and science cannot answer adequately, seek the meaning in Histrology.



Element(ary) order of Time Embedded in The Days of the Week
Sunday Sun
Monday Moon
Tuesday 2 on Earth
Wednesday 4Winds
Thursday Water
Friday Fire
Saturday Sat & Rest
The I¥ (eye) H¥pothesis Connecting Science & Religion