Who IY Am

How We Are Connected

How we are connected with constellation….. STOP BLAMING WOMAN FOR THE DOWNFALL OF MAN

  1. The Great Seal​ – The Great Seal of God Creating the universe, all things big and small, male and female making man and woman perfect in the Eye of God. God then awoke its consciousness that it had placed within them.
  2. The Archer​ – Commanding man riding a beast to use a branch from the tree of life to conquer the land and made a covenant to never use the tree of life to kill another human. Calling this land Egypt in honor of his wife and Queen.
  3. The Scorpion​ – For six days man walked in the presence of God and kept peace throughout the land but he grew tired so God sent a scorpion to bite man. He fell into a deep sleep so on the seventh days he rested.
  4. The Scales​ – Three days he laid there on the scales of life and death. The world thought the King was dead.
  5. The Virgin​ – On the third day a virgin was sent to try to preserve his seed of the King. The King was res-erect-ed from his dead like sleep when she brought his manhood back to life. Immaculately she conceived a child.
  6. The Lion​ – A new King was born. As time pass the people opposed the King when he refused to use the tree of life against another human being. He remembered the covenant made between God & man.
  7. The Crab​ – Commanding him to build an ark and to take the covenant into the ark. Being King, he commanded that two of each type of animal be brought to him and then God flooded the whole world leaving the crabs to do their job.
  8. The Twins​ – When the ark landed the world was divided into 3 parts for each brother. One brother was unhappy with his part killed his brother with the tree of life breaking the covenant with God cursing his descendent into slavery.
  9. The Bull – Given a part of the tree he was told to go. No man can kill you so he walked until he saw three pyramids. He remembered the stories and he knew he was home back in Egypt but his descendent were still curse to become slaves.
  10. The Ram​ – Moses was given the tree of life and he used it to sound the ram horn and to set the slaves free. However, when he told them this story they could not see it so they did not believe staying slaves to the old ways.
  11. The Two Fish​ – Jesus use the tree to teach the same story, the people believed but the church didn’t so the churches plotted to kill him because Jesus said snakes have never talked, to believe and watch the heavens. A second sun is coming.
  12. The Water Bearer​ – Drink of this water not the blood of your ancestors. Eat of this fruit not the words of the flesh.


Element(ary) order of Time Embedded in The Days of the Week
Sunday Sun
Monday Moon
Tuesday 2 on Earth
Wednesday 4Winds
Thursday Water
Friday Fire
Saturday Sat & Rest
The I¥ (eye) H¥pothesis Connecting Science & Religion